Attn all NJ area teams: 1923 FUNdraiser!

As 1923’s CD representative, I’m delivering this message to the community.

We’ll be having a fundraiser to help us get us into NJ regional…We’re hoping all of the teams in our area could come help out.


When: December 9th, 4-8 pm
Where: West Windsor Plainsboro High School North

Right now, we’re working on figuring out a cost. However, we need to know how many groups would be interested. It’ll be 8 people per group. Teams can bring as many groups as they want!

If you’re interested, please email [email protected] and let us know!
When we get a decent idea of how many people are interested, we’ll work out costs.

It’ll be a super fun time, please help 1923 continue to compete in this amazing program.

Thank you!
-1923, the Royal Knights.

Libby, just posted this on my team (1089)'s forums. So we’ll see what kind of response we get! I think it would be a BLAST!

That is such an awesome idea! I will have to see what I can do… I just love dodgeball :smiley:

Without a doubt, I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Oh man! I’d totally go, but that coincides with the big, giant, (girls twittering), winter used-to-be-formal dance, as well as the counter-party that my friends do at the same time.

I’ll probobly go… meybe…

Hmm… maybe we will put together a 1403 dodgeball team. That should be interesting. We got plenty of practice playing dodgeball throughout the season with the poof balls. Maybe its time to put those skills to use. :stuck_out_tongue:

exactly. and your mentors said your goofing off wouldn’t lead to anything!


This sounds very interesting…now I just need to see if I can get some more people from my team together.

Number of Players on each Team : 8
Price per person : $5
Each FIRST team can have more than 1 team participating in the tournament.
Contact Info:
[email protected]

Tournament will be held in a round robin fashion.
Post underneath with any questions or if you want more info.

you need a round-

all teams vs Big Mike

He wowed em’ in Indiana…

he’s moves like a cat! (a very big cat)

That sounds like a great way to raise some money. I don’t think I or any of my teammates can lug our butts all the way over to New Jersey, but we had a similar issue just a few weeks ago-- we automatically qualified to go to Nationals but could only go if we raised the registration fee ourselves. Our marketing president devised an ingenious plan: purchase cratefuls of candy from Costco and distribute them to students to carry around to classes at school and sell them for a profit. Since we started selling about five weeks ago, we’ve made up all of the money we spent and made over $5000 profit (yay Nationals!). We do have 3,600 students in the school, but if you have anyone who lives by a Costco, it’s definitely worth it to give candy sales a shot. Just one of the ironies of schools trying to provide healthier meals and snacks… :smiley:

Currently we have 2 teams signed up for the dodgeball tournament but we hope there will be more.

Team 1089 - 1
Team 1923 - 1

To sign up just send us an email at [email protected] giving us a heads up so we can add you to the list of teams that are coming.

just bumping this back up. c’mon guys, it’ll be fun!


A great use of left over Poof Balls. I will let 1882 know and get back to you. Sounds like a great idea !

I wish we could reunite the pink petunias.

But since we’re in Jersey, CT, Boston, and Rochester, I dont think we could make it in time.

Great idea though, Libby!

thanks, but it was a few other members of my team who thought it up.

i’m just the CD messenger =]

aww I wish that we lived in New Jersey. My team loves to play dodgeball! We had so much fun playing last season during some of our meetings.

I just want to say that 1089 is not only competing because West Windsor is our hometown rivals, but because we really want to support 1923. It’s got to be hard to have no corporate sponsor to fall back on. Good luck guys!

December 9? Looks like I’ll actually be in NJ for that!

I’ll probably be late, but if I can find a way of getting there, I’m soooo coming!!