ATTN: Cappers in Auto.

Hey whats up guys i hope the season has been going well for you. Anyways i was wondering who really has capped in auto mode i know we have done it 4 or 5 times i forget exactly but please only teams that really have capped any goal w/out penalties in auto. mode please no " we were this close" but i would be glad to know but pm about it but this thread is mainly for teams that have capped or a team that you know that has capped in auto mode. once again thanks for your cooperation hope you have a happy easter and God Bless

team 66 did it

[edit] i should pay more attention, you ARE team 66 :-D. We had a match together at GLR, was good to be with u guys![/edit]

My team team 230 has capped the corner goal a few times with the initial tetra, in auto mode at the New England reginal. We use dead reckoning and just have the robot dump… It works most of the time. :slight_smile:

Team 716 was able to cap the center home goal consistently during autonomous mode. Even though we have always gone for the center home row goal, we can actually cap any of the home row goals, depending on where we start at the beginning of the match. We start out with one of the tetras you are allowed to start with, and we don’t use a vision system. We just use a dead reckoning program. We have a rookie programmer this year (Dillon, also known as CmptrGk), and so we didn’t try out anything new with sensors and such, although we did play around with them at the beginning of this season. Anyways, I thought we did pretty well in terms of autonomous modes this year, especially considering the fact that this is Dillon’s first year as a programmer, and more than half of the teams out there don’t even have an autonomous mode.

Team 237 capped the vision tetra on the side goal in the middle row during autonomous during a qualifying match in NJ.

To add onto what Scott said…

Team 33 caps a corner goal every time in auto.

We have been able to reliably cap with the given tetra using our gyro and Hall sensors.

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As far as I remember, you start on the side and drop the tetra on the side goal… why would you need a gyro?

We were automatic at regionals from capping the sides and knocking the tetra off, ask anyone who went to UCF about our auto mode. :rolleyes:

We cap the center home goal with the starting tetra incredibly consistently, then we have several options where to go from there including:

  1. Right side autoloader
  2. Left side autoloader
  3. Knock down right corner
  4. Knock down left corner
  5. Sit there


  1. Sit there

Dont you mean “Mars Rock Autonomous” :ahh:

Because that what determines the extent of the turn.

hey thanks guys keep on sending in i would love to hear more

254 can cap every time in auto. In qualifying today at the silicon valley regional we only missed once, and that was because the tetra fell off for some odd reason.

have you capped the center in autonomous with the vision tetras?

I know that team 401 capped the corner goal that they started next to with a starting tetra. At VCU I believe that they only missed once and they went on to win the regional.

After today we’ve joined the capper gang. We capped the corner goal with the starting tetra all but one or two of our 9 matches today. We just used some wheel counters to keep it relativly consistent, although i’m pretty sure dead reckoning would have worked.

ok know my question is without dead rec. i notice a lot of teams are using it now i just want to know about which teams are using the actual camera to cap in auto.

To clear things up for those unclear on the concept, I’m pretty sure this is about capping the vision tetra in autonomous. Capping a given tetra is great, but I’ve only seen 66 actually cap the vision tetra in auto. Anyways, back to your regularly scheduled CD…