Attn: Connecticut Teams

Team 1071 is having problems with one of our gearboxes (we have spent the past 3 nights looking for an alternate solution) We’re wondering if anybody in CT isn’t useing their KOP gearboxes and if they’d be willing to donate it or lend it to team 1071 in Wolcott. Please send me a private message and thanks in advanced.

We no longer need a gearbox, thanks team 173 for offering I think you guys we’re willing to help us a few times now (I think we needed help last year and you guys offered).

Just something to keep in mind for all teams… When a team leader tells you to do something, just do it instead of complaining and saying something works. If our team members listened when we said to check the PWMs and swap them out, we would have had a working robot this week. Instead they insisited they worked, took the robot, and then did something and they said the PWMs worked. Luckily for us, the same people who said they worked are the same people who have to catch up on the time we wasted and program the robot so now they have to put in hours and hours of work programming to catch up. So take my advice LISTEN TO DIRECTIONS FROM YOUR ADVISORS AND TEAM LEADERS!