SparX is willing to donate funds from our most recent fundrasier!! If you are a local Finger Lakes team(Rochester Area and near-by areas) and are in need of funds we are willing to help inspecific ways. Possibly setting up a line of crredit for you to buy materials or parts, also paying for some of the Registration fees, open to other ideas but would like to know where the money would be going. PM me or message here ASAP!!!

Does it work for FVC too? :wink:

Team 1126 has done a fundraiser in the last month with pizza uno. As a team, we decided that we would like to donate all of the money that we raised to area teams that are in need of supplies or other things. Like Dylan said please pm him or post here so we know you are interested. The first people to post or pm will be the first ones we talk too. Thanks!

Cormier I will look into your question…