Attn: Forum Users...

To all those that feel that there is a need to correct others, point out their errors, and belittle other members of this wonderful forum-

We’re all in the same boat here, lucky people, all of us…lucky because we have come to be involved with the wonderful orginization of FIRST. Usually, these forums are full of plesant conversation, and ocassional humor, but recently…Cheif Delpi’s forums have become a medium for ridicule, belittlement, and mockery. I don’t know if it’s the stress that the “6 weeks” carry with them, but many members of these forums are not acting like their usual selves. If you don’t like someone’s opinion on an issue, either don’t reply to their post, or take it up in a PM if you really feel that it is necessary.

I’m getting tired of opening my homepage, only to find countless posts in which members of these forums, showing absoulute lack of gracious professionalism, insult others, expressing their feelings and how they are “better” than the other user’s opinions.

There is no reason for the members of these forums NOT to get along. We are all deeply involved with our teams, and ultimatly, FIRST. Who are we to think of ourselves as better than oneanother?

For your own sake, and the sanity of the other members of this forum, please, let this forum return to peace. If you need to find something SEARCH for it, don’t start a whole new thread. If you make a new thread, and nobody replies to it, that does not mean you should create ANOTHER thread on the same topic. One word answers to topics are better left unsaid. To keep the work on the moderators, and the website itself, such posts are not needed, instead, search thru the forums themselves…9 times out of 10, your question, or topic has been answered or discussed before. As enticing as a “custom title” is, it’s no reason to make a plethora of meaningless posts, making the forums a lot less fun for everyone.

Yes, I know that this thread itself is a massive oxymoron, but I felt that it needed to be said, because this place is quickly becoming out of controll.

Thanks Dan.


/me agrees with Dan totally

Well said:D


Thank you Dan. It’s been driving me crazy seeing 4 Iraq threads and 5 dating threads all on the first page.

Like Brandon’s sig says: “search search search search search search search search search search search search search search” (try saying that 14 times fast) :smiley:

Thankyou for your positive input everyone.

Thankfully, the outburst of multiple threads of the same topics, and bickering amongst users has slowed down, possibly even stopped. It’s up to us to keep these forums how they should be.

Now back to your regularly scheduled posting…