Attn MI teams (Atlanta Travel)

Team 1504 (Lansing area) is looking for ways to get down to Atlanta. We were hoping to be able to find another team to split a bus or charter a flight with. We’re looking at probably 30 people from our team right now. If anyone is interested or knows of another MI team who could work with us, please send me a PM or reply to this thread.



We are already talking to 1188 about them coming with us to Atlanta.
Im sure there are many teams that would be willing to help you out though. Us Michigan teams always come through when other teams are in need. :slight_smile:

Hello, I am also a member of team 65, the Huskie Brigade. We were talking about team, 1188 riding the bus to Atlanta with us for the championship. However, due to lack of space on the bus they’re unable to ride. We have about 25-30 people from our team. I am thinking that there are about 56 spaces on the bus that leaves 26-31 seats available. I will talk it over with our lead. We do plan to leave early morning April 10th and return late night April 15th.

Are you still looking to share travel? We are team 141 out of Holland and may be able to help you help us.

Thank you for the offer. We’ve decided to just book 3 flights and split the team up. Thank you for the offer though!