ATTN Michigan and nearby Teams

'da Bears were thinking of some ways to publicize FIRST and we were thinking about getting ahold of the MI State Fair Planning Committee about organizing a FIRST event/demo/fundraiser at this year’s fair.

The fair usually runs the last week of August through Labor Day. Most students go back around that time and we were wondering what kind of participation we might be able to get from other teams.

If your team might be interested, please let me know.



[email protected]

Hey Rachel from Team 5 here. That would be sweet. It would be even better if we could have like an exhibition competition. You know have a few matches with some other teams. That way they could see what our robots can do. I know I’d love to go unfortuneately I’ll be away at MSU but I’m sure Team 5 would love to help. If you need help planning this I’d love to help. just go to my profile and email me. hope it works out.

Good luck

I will be here next year, :smiley: I am shure my team, or atleast me, is willing to drag our robot, and if we have room someone else’s robot, there, or some where. If you want the truth, i was thinking about trying to get some MI area teams and going on tour :stuck_out_tongue: for jr. Highers, to get their school districts into FIRST. (Am I crazy for thinking of this?) I would donate any time i haven’t sold to work for FIRST, hey, i have now till next year for my next FIRST event, unless we are going to some invitationals :p!!!