ATTN: Michigan Teams!

We were asked to post this:


Last week the grant provided by the State to help start new teams was eliminated from the Senate version of the School Aid Bill. Monday, a joint committee is meeting to discuss it. Here is the list of the legislators who sit on that committee and their toll free numbers.


Cameron Brown R
District 16
Fawn River Twsp
[email protected]
(866) 305-0316
Local Teams: 66, 470, 830, 1015, 1502, 1549

Ron Jelinek R
District: 21
Three Oaks
[email protected]
(866) 305-2121
Local Teams: 1940, 1254

Michael Switalski D
District: 10
s[email protected]
(866) 303-0110
Local Teams: 453, 217


Bruce Caswell R
District: 58
Hillsdale, Branch
[email protected],
(866) 362-8812

George Cushingberry D
District: 8
[email protected],
(888) 347-8008
Local Teams: 1701

Matthew Gillard D
[email protected],
(866) 628-8106

We are urging everyone to call the numbers on there. Tell them you know they are part of the joint committee that is reviewing the School Aid Bill and that you are urging them to keep Sec 99h in there because it is making a huge difference in growing Michigan’s future technology workforce.

If you or your team is located in one of these districts, PLEASE send an email TODAY to the appropriate committee member in your district.

If not please do the same by finding your senator and congressman(woman) here by putting in your home address:

You may say whatever you like, but here’s one idea:

Please preserve the FIRST Robotics Grant made possible in Sec 99h of the School Aid Bill. FIRST Robotics is working to grow the future technology workforce by encouraging high school students to pursue careers in science, engineering and technology.

Please add whether you are from a sponsoring company in the area, or the school itself. You must include an address so they know you are in their district.

Detroit teams, I am not sure which of you are in Congressional District 8. Please check your school address, again at:

If you would like to send a note to all on the committee, here is the group email:
[email protected] , [email protected] ,
[email protected] , [email protected]]([email protected]),
[email protected],[email protected],
[email protected]

**I figure each team is worth at least 15 emails. **

Please copy me on the letter you send.

Let our voice be heard loudly.

Gail Alpert