Attn: People talented with computer programs

In my youth group we hold sort of an open church night where the youth the of the community can go to have good fun. For it we are planning on have people sign through use of their school id cards with barcodes, and i was wondering if anyone had any easily manipulatable programs for using the barcodes to sign in?

                     sorry if this can't be considered chit-chat i just would like some help

Do you have a bar code scanner that you want to use the software with, or do you just need some software that would organize folks & attendence just using the numbers on the id cards??

If you have the barcode scanner, I’m not sure what kind of software you would need.

But if you just want to organize some info all you would need is good ol’ MS Excel or similar spreadheet & a person entering some info as they came in & left.

We have a scanner so i was looking for some software