Attn: Teams Attending Boston 2007

Just like the Aztechs are doing at UTC here, the Duct Tape Bandits will be collecting DVD’s and calling cards at Boston for the same troop aide program. Please just bring the items or other well-wishing gifts by our pit.

Thank You
Team 467, The Duct Tape Bandits

It didn’t look like you had the proportional strength and reflexes of a spider at rit.

Ahhhh… You see the duct tape covers what is a seemingly normal outward build much like the actor that plays me in the movies.

Yes but that’s a movie. I’ve seen the real spider-man throw cars and stuff!

Well, well… I see that the stereotype of the destructive superhero has reared its ugly head. The real spider-man would not throw cars as that is clearly not safe and within the bounds of Gracious Professionalism. In a fight with a villain, a person must do what he can with what he has, which in this case is strength, agility, wall-climbing, webbing, and duct tape.

I’ve read the Daily Bugle reports about Spider-Man! He’s a Menace at best!

Jameson has a taste for the yellow journalism. I mean that in two ways: he likes to sensationalize stories with tales of villainy and despair, and he’s a coward that doesn’t want to turn things for the better of his paper and his city.

I’m^H^H^H^HSpider-man is just a kind citizen that happens to do good samaritan work in a hot, tight-fitting, full-body suit.:o

Isn’t Spider-Man wanted for violating the Super Human Registration Act? If you have super powers you have to register, it’s the law!

Not Quite. There have been some changes made in the law regarding heroes, super scientists, and villains. As of the Good Guy Rights Act of 2003, villainy is only allowed if said villain has joined one of many sanctioned groups/unions/guilds such as the Guild of Calamitous Intent. Hero acts are under extra scrutiny if not done against a villain that is or should be in one of these guilds.

Anyway, I hope that this discussion of good vs. evil doesn’t detract from the perfectly good program of giving the troops something to enjoy and paid means to contact friends and family.

Please don’t use the forums for IM style convos.