ATTN: Those Going To Buckeye...

I am inviting school board members, principals, parents, potential students and potential sponsors of the new team to the Buckeye Regional to get a feel for the FRC and FIRST in general. I would love for them to hear first-hand how FIRST has changed their life, how much they enjoy(ed) the program, and if there are any current or recently-graduated college students, how the program influenced your educational/career decisions. Or just a short story about something memorable, the most fun you had on the team, your favorite 'bot.

Basically, I’d like a few people to be available so that if I see you, I can have you talk to them a little bit.

I’m drive coach for team 1629, but if we aren’t in a match I can usually be found in our pit. I’d be more than happy to talk to anyone about how FIRST has affected me, and I can snag a few other team members as well. Stop by 1629’s pit and ask for Stephanie. Or, if you want to find me elseware, I’ll be the blonde with the coach’s pin and a GaCo gecko on my shirt. :slight_smile: