Attracting members

I was wondering how you all do it? I am a mentor and I am looking for a way to attract more students. Currently I am getting a couple people who were on teams and are good friends into a larger project. It will take a few months but I think we will pull if off. I will post quite a bit (Pictures and Designs) as it goes through. I want to keep it kind of under wraps until I am a bit closer to being even started.

There is nothing like driving a robot to stimulate interest. Use previous year’s robots for demos and get students to come up and give it a try. The videos can tell them about the game but touching and seeing for themselves will close the deal.

We went on a major advertising blitz last year. We did demos at the local community days, back to school nights, teacher meetings, fairs, etc. If there was a 12’ square flat surface and people we were there.

And it worked! We doubled the size of our FRC team, doubled the size of our VEX teams and we also doubled the number of mentors.

Advertising works!


I agree with Al.

And I want to add that the 6-player, 3D, 5th Gear FRC Match Simulator shows potential recruits how the games are played, and complements the animations and those real robots nicely. Using Xbox controllers and resembling a multiplayer video game doesn’t hurt its ability to turn a few heads in a recruiting exhibition.

Good luck,

Thanks all I will make sure I pass this off the the Teacher who runs the team. I hope with my Current project I can gain the interest of quite a few students. it is kind of an advertising program but kind of not.

Well first of all you need a big van, then you lure them in with the candy. That’s how I do it.