Atwood Mobile Motor

Does anybody know where we might purchase another atwood mobile motor? We hooked our motor up to our gearbox, it worked for 3 minutes and now it’s not working anymore. It only turns about a quarter turn and then the fuse trips on the power terminals. Who should we contact? Is there anyplace where we can purchase just the motor? Any help would be great.


Most RV centers should have them in stock. Look for an “Atwood Mobile Power Jack” (any model). They all have the same motor and gear cluster. Should cost between $150 and $200.

Before you buy another motor, take the gearbox off of it and see if it still works. It’s possible that the gearbox is just stalling the motor and there’s nothing wrong with the motor.

We bought two more Atwoods, for our second robot, from an Indianapolis company for $200.00 :eek: :eek: :eek:
You would think that if a company donates parts for the robot they would give us the name of where we can find them for less money. :mad:

Wayne Doenges

Was that $200 each or for both of them? Do you remember the name of the company you purchased them from?


You would think that if a company donates parts for the robot they would give us the name of where we can find them for less money.

Atwood is not the supplier of the motor. Atwood buys the motors from Chiaphua.

I found Chiaphua in my day job, I begged them for motors for FIRST. In the end, they couldn’t swing a full donation, but they could give FIRST a good price.

I then went to my management and FIRST and, after much begging and pleading, I got them to buy the motors for the 2002 kit (Delphi bought most of them).

I am sorry that we couldn’t find a cheaper way to have spares available, but frankly, at the time, I was glad to discover that they would be available at any price – which is not the case for some motor FIRST has used in the past.

On balance, I think we are lucky to have them.

Joe J.

I think your motors are probably okay. It sounds to me like either something is binding in your gearbox or your ratio is too low.

Joe J.

I’m looking forward to using these new motors. I hope they aren’t too powerful. If we are going to have problems getting these motors in future kits, has anyone considered upping the drill motor count to four? In the last two years we used two drill motors and two FP motors on the drive train. Coincidentaly, the pinion tooth speed was the same for the two motors. Or was it???

Just a thought.

PS, I’m hoping to look you up at Nationals. It’s been four years and I have never gotten a chance to meet you.

Warren Boudreaux
Team 180
Software, Controls, Design, etc…

Hi Dan
I was mistaken about getting the motors from an Indy company. We got the from MTS RV. There website is, their phone number is 716-625-8877.
The price is $213.00 EACH :eek:

Wayne Doenges

We bought spares for $25 each. There was a post from FIRST giving the info.

Can you give us a pointer to the post from FIRST about where to get spare Atwood motors? Please. Thanks.

Below you will find a copy of e-mail I received on the 29th hope it helps


We have available Chiaphua motors, reference part number PC-44F-1001. Any
teams interested in purchasing additional motors should forward a purchase
order to:

Marcus Sales Associates
PO Box 65
Glen Head, NY 11545

Your Purchase Order should include the following:

Chiaphua Part Number: PC-44F-1001
Unit Cost: $25.00 each
Quantity Ordered:
Total Order Amount:
Ship To Address:
Customer Phone Number:
Customer UPS Account #:
Method of Shipping: Regular/Blue/Red

We ask all teams to provide a UPS Account number to cover the cost of
shipping. If an account number is not available all motors will be shipped
COD including the shipping costs. Please make sure a check is available at
the time of delivery. Leadtime for delivery will be 3-5 days after receipt
of order. If you want to expedite your order, please fax a copy of the order
to 516 671 7610 and mail the original to the address noted above.


Best Regards,

Ed Prevot