Atwood Powerjack Gearbox

I have a question that needs a reply ASAP.

Our team installed 2 chiaphua motors with the gearboxes that are used in Atwood Powerjacks ( that same gearboxes that came in the original box). Though we did remove the gearboxes and drilled a few holes here and there. Is this configuration still legal? There is literally no mention of it being legal or not… A inspector from the Southern California Robotics Scrimmage questioned( just plain questioned) whether or not our gearbox and the configuration of it was legal. Can someone help?

I would have to say that this would NOT be legal for the following reasons:
-FIRST only included the motors in the kit, and not the entire gearbox.
-Nowhere in the Additional Hardware list does anything like the following appear: “Atwood mobile Power Jack Gearbox”
-FIRST has repeatedly ruled that the AHL items(in this case, gears and structural material) are to be bought as raw materials, and not preassembled in some other form, such as the atwood gearbox.

We e-mailed first about it, and they said since we did change the gearbox by taking out the clutch, than we in a sense did change it. They said it would be legal, but it would be the decision of the inspector that would make the call…