Audi catches on to our robotics secrets...

Hey everyone,
I was watching tv just a second ago and I saw a commercial by Audi (maker of the A series, S series, and the TT coupe). They are going to be implementing a new kind of transmission, besides their tiptronic. Tiptronic is a semiautomatic system and its really pretty cool. The driver controls when to shift, but does it without a clutch. All it requires is a quick bump of the shifter when its in through the “tipronic gate.” Anyway, it turns out they are going to start putting in what they’re calling “multitronic.” This is a continuously variable automatic tranny.

Just saw it and thought of robotics :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick explanation on their site.

Looks like its the “new” CVT car companies are starting to put into their automobiles…

I started a discussion here about one and it seemed to get quite a few responses…

also, many car companies are looking into ‘drive by wire’. that’s exactly how our robots work. :smiley: you have a digital wheel/pedals, and then they send a signal to a computer, which then regulates output. very very cool. can’t wait till the first cars come out with full drive by wire. they’ll be nice and cheap since no one will trust em, and i’ll get one :p. yay!

I think this would be a neat idea, but what happens if you lose electrical power? Do they have some kind of back-up mechanical system?

I just want a nice old school car… with a clutch… I don’t exactly know how to drive stick yet… but i do know the fundamentals behind it… (i was even taught about double-clutching the other day), but i think it’d be more fun with a clutch… :rolleyes:

well, the whole idea is that it’s driven by hydrogen fuel cells, so you have plenty of power. i think there would be software safties built in, so when there’s only say, 2 or 3% power left in the cell, the car will beep and flash, so that you’d have to stop and refill/recharge. and if you in an accident, well, even with mechanical steering, you have no control.

The corvettes and some other GM vehicles have fully electronic throttles, there is no connection between the gas pedal and the engine, the new Mercedes flagship has electrical brakes instead of hydraulic that you pump. This all lets the car make decisions for you to optimize how it drives. The new sierra Denali even has electrical rear steering(from Delphi) which means electrical front steering is also possible. Some people want the road feel though so you don’t want to completely disconnect them from the driving experience.

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**Some people want the road feel though so you don’t want to completely disconnect them from the driving experience. **

Heh. I can see it now.

Drive by wire, force feedback steering.

It’ll be just like using one of those Microsoft Joysticks.

Heck, it could even vibrate when you are low on gas or something. Cool. :smiley: