Audience Manual- A Guide to Make a Non-FRC member understand the event

Hey everyone!
Our team saw that many parents and other visiting audience members were confused as to what was happening at the events. We noticed this problem and sought out to find a solution.
The GreengineerZ developed a 2017 FRC STEAMWorks Audience Manual! The manual is made to be shorter and more concise than the actual game manual. It explains the basics of the game without getting too technical. It’s perfect for an audience member to flip through and get a much better understanding of the event.
Feel free to download the manual, print it off, share it with other teams, give it to friends/family, or whatever!
Best wishes to all of you!

  • The GreengineerZ

This is generally good - unfortunately I couldn’t comment directly on your Google Doc, so I made a copy and inserted some comments. There are some things that didn’t make much sense, but I think I knew what you were talking about. Feel free to incorporate or ignore :slight_smile:

That’s great!
I will regularly check the copy and take all comments into consideration!
I left the original on viewing only so that it won’t be damaged or altered too much.
I appreciate all the feedback that you guys have!
By the way - I am in the progress of translating the document into Spanish, Mandarin/Chinese, and French. They will be posted as soon as they are finished.

I really like this concept! There’s some pretty good stuff in there.

I added suggestions in the same document, as well.

I also added a bunch of suggestions (Under Tom Schwarz). I didn’t comment all of them super well, so let me know if you’re confused about any of them!

Great job putting this together by the way, it looks like it’ll be really helpful.


Thanks guys!! I love all of this feedback. As you can tell, writing is definitely not a strength of mine and FIM is a bit different than other regions.
So again, continue with the help. I greatly appreciate all of this!!

Thanks everyone for helping us complete and perfect the manual! Check out our website for the manual in four languages!