Audience Selected Defense

FIRST hasn’t elaborated on this at all (to my knowledge), but do you all suppose that they might do a “text to vote” service or something like that? They could run the vote during staging, and have the “winning defense” ready by the time match starts. Just a thought. It certainly would be a lot less chaotic, and would eliminate needless noise.

Another thought.
In the rules it never says that the audience will pick different defenses for either alliance.
Perhaps the audience has to vote on a single defense that is used on both sides of the field. This means that audience members of participating teams might possibly vote for a defense that is harder to traverse, just to give their opponents a harder time, even if it constrains them a little as well.


Actually, the rule book says the audience cheers for the options and the “loudest” is selected. “Loudest” is judged by the Head Referee. See Section

Ah, true true.


This just means that there is definitely no escaping the reality that is voice loss after a competition :yikes:

Picking teams with the most members so that you get to select the “audience selected defence” may become a potential strategy I fear. Maybe for the second or third pick.

I want to see ad campaigns to organize the yellers into factions.
“Portcullis is STRENGTH!” "Cheval de Frise is BASIC!

I would strongly be in favor of text or app to vote, and have it tie in to the video screen shown live as votes come in. I think it would be even more exciting, and much safer for my ears. states

Prior to each round of Qualification and Playoff MATCHES, the audience selects one of the
DEFENSES used by both ALLIANCES on the FIELD.

5.3.1 states

Each Qualification schedule consists of a series of
rounds in which each team plays one (1) MATCH per round.

From this I conclude that we will only be subjected to the audience selection process 7 to 10 times during qualifications.

5.4.3 shows that audience selection will happen 5 times during playoffs.

Field Reset is already tough.
Requiring texts or an app to vote would lead to longer Match times.

The ref could use a decibel measuring app to determine the selection in short order. Make the selection and move on.

I think this is a good idea. I would be in favor of using an app (or text for those that don’t have a smart phone) but that would need a rule change. Using a meter instead of just the referee would make it more quantifiable. The referee would still need to listen for other noises like the pit loud speaker.

I know that this post might be a little off topic, however it still falls within the same realm of the category of Audience Selected Defense.

My question is, As part of the three choices made by the Alliance for their outer works, can they choose from the same category as the Audience Selected defense? For example, if he Audience chosen defense is The Portcullis, can you choose the Cheval de Frise.

Nope. There are 4 categories+ the low bar, and all four have to be on the field. 5.5.10. There are only 5 slots, and one is taken by the low bar.