Audio Recording of Rules Manual

AndyMark is pleased to be able to provide teams with an audio version of sections 5 through 9 of the Destination: Deep Space game manual. Many thanks to Andy and fellow WFA winners Liz Calef, Paul Copioli, and Kyle Hughes for joining us to read the manual. We hope that this becomes a helpful resource for teams in these early days of the season.

Please note that this is not an official resource for the game, and as the season progresses and updates are made to the manual, some of the information may fall out of date. For all of the official rules and latest updates, please refer to the FIRST Robotics Resource Library:…nual-qa-system


This is sweet! Thank you guys so very much! Sometimes there are just things that you don’t catch or comprehend fully until you look at it / hear it another way.

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This is great my dyslexic high school self could never get through the full rules. Please tell me it’s not read to me by Dean.

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This is great! I would much rather listen than read some of this stuff! #omgrobots #rules

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