-- Go sign up! -- This is not like the other thread.

I also thought of this. Since being part of the ‘FIRST’ group, it compiles what similar interests the people in the group have. If we could get more people involved in audioscrobbler, then we can know what people like and it could be a big help for those DJ’s come competition time. :slight_smile:

So long as we remember there is “No Dancing Allowed.”

Haha… I can still dance with myself! :stuck_out_tongue: Or in my head…

Yes… there is NO DANCING ALLOWED!!!

SO I shall just have to let my CAR DANCEfor me. :stuck_out_tongue:

As a side note, if anyone knows the name of the music in the second vid, please let me know. I think I have the music from the first one, but if you know the name of that song too post it as well.


Elgin, you only WISH that that was your car!

And I am happy to say that the FIRST AS group continues to grow. When I first posted there were only 11 members and now we have a wonderful 37!

Keep signing up you guys, you never know, maybe they will take our music taste into consideration for next years competitions! Or maybe even soon to come off seasons.
So continue signing up for those of you that havent.

And welcome to all the new people who are following the croud! w0ot!


i was the 37th :wink:

Um, yeah, those are scary. Granted a prize to the first FIRSTer who makes their car do that. What that prize is I think we have a little while to figure out. Granted if I am wrong please let me know. But to anybody who may have forgotten or just doesnt know Here is what I was actually refering to these signs at the 2004 Palmetto Regional or as was displayed on our 2005 robot. But yeah, glad to see the size growing.

Erm its been released here recently… i’ll have a listen to the radio for you lol… afterwards its always referred to as the music from the citroen ad lol

les rhythm digitales -jaques your body

Like Billy Idol?

All joking aside, I plan to join sometime today.

I have one!

Not sure how many of you have noticed but, is now I think the sites have been partners for a long time.
All your stats are still there and there are a few more features.

They’re owned by the same people, it makes sense to have them merged… seeing as they both did the same things (except audioscrobbler didn’t have the radio)

I’ve had it since last novemberish…username is alexpelan, feel free to add me.

Yeah I’m on now… Xp

What’s with the revolution thing?


I just joined :slight_smile:

i got audioscrobbler…my account is xcheese4salex (as usual hehe :P) i dont think its working right though…last night it showed what songs i was playing fine and then i come back on today and everythings gone! :S maybe i’m just doing something wrong…

And with change of course comes a horribly slow site…


Does it take like 5 minutes for everyone else’s page to load as well??
That is if it even loads at all!!! :frowning:




Oh wow I leave for a week and they totally change everything on me.

How uncool. Anyways, I hope they can work out the bugs with the new site cuz I liked it before!