Augmented reality in Team Pit

I remember a team a few years ago at a Michigan event that had an augmented reality demo in their pit.

It had a web cam pointed at a board with markers, and a monitor that displayed the markers with a 3D model projected on them.

If anyone can help me track down the team, you will win not only my thanks, but be a really cool person on top of that!

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I believe the team you’re looking for is lightning robotics team 862.

And as soon as I read that, I remember the lightning logo as one of the items in the AR.


Augmented reality via smart phone throughout the entire pits next year. Just putting it out there. Run with it…

No problem!

Oh hi!

That was indeed 862, my team, and I was the one who did it! It’s really cool that people remember! It was 2009 and we had a model of our mascot, an orbit ball, and i think a globe. I originally wanted to have the CAD model of our robot, but the software couldn’t handle a model with that much geometry.

We never brought it back because it was hassle to bring a computer to run it, plus I graduated in 2010 :frowning: I should be able to find the name of the software I used if you’re interested, I certainly didn’t write it myself!

If you could help me out to set up a similar set up, I would much appreciate it!

The software I used was Mr. Planet V2. It has a pretty good interface as far as I remember, but it wasn’t super stable and the model you use can’t be too complicated. Here’s the link: It looks like there might be a newer version, I’m not sure what’s different about the “castle” and “lite” versions.

Some stuff is in Spanish, and the English manuals if I remember are just translated, so it may take some figuring out to make it work. If you can’t make it work let me know and I’ll see if I can help!

I have tried both versions. The newer version is in English.

Unfortunately, neither work in Win7, and neither work in XP virtualization. I am going to make a bootable flashdrive with XP on it to do testing. I’ll let you know how it goes.

In case anyone is wondering on how this turned out:

Mr.Planet was incredibly difficult to import meshes into, But did work very well for unsupported opensource software! I was quite impressed.

I was able to find (purchase) a plugin for 3DS Max that works very well, very smooth, and is very intuitive.


Multiple, custom markers: