Aurora - FRC3082 Chicken Bot Pie 2019 Robot

Proud and excited to present our 2019 robot, Aurora! This is our most ambitious build to date, and it’s been a lot of fun to see it come together. Huge shout out to all of the students, coaches, mentors, and sponsors who have made this possible.

  • Swerve drivetrain
  • 2 stage elevator with 4 bar arm and wrist
  • Floor and feeder station loading for Cargo and Hatch Panels
  • Scoring Cargo and Hatch Panels anywhere, L1 climb

Technical binder is in the works and will likely be posted at some point in the next few months.

See you at Great Northern, North Star, and hopefully beyond!


This totally didn’t get leaked on the FRC subreddit… lol

I’m excited to see how this team does! Your improvements made in the recent seasons are very impressive.

Best of luck!

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Picture for TBA

Pre- Great Northern update:

We have ditched our velcro, I mean hook tape, intake for Hatch panels. During our Week 0 event we learned that it was extremely difficult to remove hatch panels using the hook tape. Here is our “clamp” style replacement, inspired by 4414 (and probably others):

We lose the ability to load hatch panels from the floor, but after watching Week 1 and 2 I don’t think that’s too big an issue. Also, I have posted the CAD model here in STEP format:

If there is interest I can post the native Inventor files.

Super proud of our performance this weekend! Ranked #14. Despite not being selected for an alliance we played as a backup for #7 in the quarterfinals. We won our first award ever, the Innovation in Control Award for our swerve drive and superstructure control. I’m looking forward to North Star in a few weeks!

North Star – just going to quote my other post which just about sums it up.

Technical issues…

We had to replace a swerve module over lunch on Saturday because we were seeing accelerated gear wear on it. We are still trying to figure out what caused that as it was only one module. Perhaps assembly errors. We will make sure to monitor the geartrains more carefully in the future.

As far as the steering motor I mentioned in the other post, we have no idea what could have caused the problem. It seems to have just died. We have verified that it isn’t a motor controller issue. We swapped out the module anyways and will be looking into it.

We did rebuild our hatch panel intake on Thursday to one similar to 95. It seemed to score hatch panels fine but it is a bit of a pain to line it up. However once we’re in the HP hole we grab it every time. The bigger issue is in releasing. Also, our cargo intake was decent but often took longer than we would like to pick up cargo. Plus it’s been bent on the field countless times and then bent back and re-riveted over and over. Manipulator will be seeing a redesign over the next few weeks before Detroit.

Dream season as far as I’m concerned. Hard to complain about our first 2 robot awards and our first blue banner! See you at champs!


Pre-champs update – we have a new intake!

We are shedding around 2.8 pounds with this, and it seems much more effective and tolerant to misalignment than all our previous iterations.

Designing and building the new intake was a good learning experience as well.

  • We have never used belts effectively, so we learned about designing mechanisms to use the correct C-C distance.
  • In addition, we’ve never really done anything with gearing before outside of COTS gearboxes. Since we only have the wiring for 1 motor fed through our elevator, we were constrained to use 1 motor on the new intake. As a result, we had to do a 40:40 gear stage to get the two sides of the intake to counterrotate.
  • Learned a bit more about materials – previously we’ve always been in the mindset that aluminum is the way to go for almost everything. You can see how much aluminum was on our old intake versions. Every time it crashed into something, it would either bend or some rivets would shear. Now, hopefully the polycarbonate will absorb the impact a bit and spring back into its original shape.

Huge thanks to Team 1816 for manufacturing the polycarbonate pieces for us. We would not have been able to do it without your help! Also, shout out to 1684 for the design inspiration. I’m sure there were also other teams who had similar intakes but yours was the first one of this style that we saw and it generated a lot of buzz.

Champs is just a few days away; we’re looking forward to meeting everyone and continuing to learn from the best!


Heyyyy! Welcome to the #hothatchcargowheels gang!
Appreciate the shoutout! Will let our team captain/driver know as it was his design in the first week of Build Season. Hope it works well for you!
Good luck at Champs!

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It’s been a while but here’s a quick champs recap.

The new intake served us well, thanks again to 1684 for inspiring it and to 1816 for manufacturing it. (Sidenote – pumped that 1816 got Chairman’s at Champs!) I’ve updated the GrabCAD for our robot to have the new intake.

I felt like we were finally able to reach our “final form” competitively at champs. Our drivers had two competitions under their belt and were able to perform really well! We played defense for a few matches but also had some really solid offensive matches. I’d say we peaked offensively in Match 90 and Match 103 with two really narrow victories.

Champs was a great experience for us all around. Beyond competing, we enjoyed attending lots and lots of presentations, learning from the best of the best, and in general having fun (RoboProm!).

Thanks to everyone who has supported us throughout this season – sponsors, mentors, other teams, and more. Could not have asked for a better senior year and I’m proud to end my career as an FRC student on a high note.


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