Austin Mini Maker Faire - Discount Code

For anyone in the Austin area or who might know individuals in the Austin Area - please pass along this message. I am passing along a message regarding FIRST robotics presence at the Austin Mini Maker Faire.


FIRST robotics has a 50’ x 60’ space at this year’s Maker Faire in Austin.

The producers have also given us a discount code: FIRST_is_a_maker_too

Code gives a 20% discount. It’s the same discount other codes get, but having a separate code will provide visibility into how well we’re represented.

So, my request… please distribute the code to your communities along with the following:


This Sunday, at the Palmer Events Center in Austin, FIRST will be on display at this year’s Austin Mini Maker Faire.

At last year’s Faire, over 2000 attendees enjoyed over 50 exhibits, speakers, performers and demonstrations. This year, the Austin Mini Maker Faire will have 100+, ranging from a small Steampunk village to FTC and FRC 2013 competition robot demonstrations to the Austin Astronomical Society.

Please come show your support for FIRST as well as enjoy the growth and excitement of the Maker community.

The Faire will be held from 10am to 6pm on Sunday, May 5th. Individuals and groups associated with FIRST can use the discount code:

FIRST_is_a_maker_too for a 20% discount on admission.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the Faire.

  •      John Pflueger


Home page for the Faire is:

Tickets can be purchased at:

I’m going to be in Austin next week for work, but I don’t get in until after it’s over on Sunday. Darn.

That is to bad Joe.

What brings you to Austin and for how long?

Well if our previous vacation plans fall through, we might be taking a day trip up to Austin for this instead. I was sad I missed the Houston mini faire due to building a robot, so the Austin Faire would be a nice consolation. Especially at a 20% discount.

I’m visiting a sub-contractor. Coming in Sunday night, leaving Tuesday night (assuming that things go well).

That would be a Mini Maker Faire in Austin, not a Maker Faire in an Austin Mini, right?

I was having a heck of a time figuring out what peppy little old British cars had to do with a Maker Faire. :slight_smile:


I’d suggest a Mini Austin Maker Faire, but at the ridiculous rate Austin is growing…