Australian Team

A while back someone was talking about getting a team started in Australia…wonder where the person went off to and if he was gonna do it this upcoming season. It be really sweet to get a team from Down Under

That would have been Jacqui Sutton on Team 388 (Grundy VA). I don’t know if she has headed back down-under yet, or if she is still around. But it would be very cool if we had more southern hemisphere teams participating, so the Brazilians wouldn’t be so lonely!


That would be prettty cool, you can get the croc hunter to do a special on FIRST

__ Crikey look at the size of that bugger

Now watch as the Robot heads for the wall. (/really bad croc hunter accent)

Who knows, it might get to be as popular with Austrailians as it did with us, Canadians someday!

Hey, it’s good to know that ppl are thinkin bout a post that i wrote so long ago! I’m still in the USA at the moment, will be leaving after graduation and should be home around the end of june… I’m going to try to have the aussie team started by next season, but thatll be kinda pushing it timewise, so in reality it probably wont be up and running until '05… I’m hoping for next yr though…

hey, are you going to be in Sydney? I’m heading down there in July and will be returning to the US in Jan. I know it is before the actual season, but if you want a hand recuiting and getting people interested, let me know!

I think that an Australian team is a good idea, and might work. At our school, Crescent School, we recently had a delegation of Australian school heads visit. We gave a presentation on FIRST and they expressed reasonable interest. I urge Australian who has interest to pursue the possibility of starting a team.