Auto and the perfect score

Will auto be the separator for the perfect score. Scoring all 4 pre placed pieces is what it will take for the perfect score. So based on current autos someone will have to place 3 on the cable side… not done yet that I know of. Or someone will have to drive over the charging station and come back and place one. Or lastly someone place 4 in auto….

Seems world class auto is 2.5 and balance or 3 and balance. But has anyone seen a 3 on the cable side?

As I write this I expect 254 is saying challenge accepted🤣


The perfect auto requires 7 game pieces scored anywhere. Most realistically this is a 3/2/2 per robot, or 3/3/1, with the 1 likely balancing. For the sake of argument I’m just gonna assume 4 piece autos aren’t possible given the current state of the game.

Simplifying a 3/3/1 as much as possible:

  • Left bot places their preload, and the two leftmost staged pieces.
  • Right bot places their preload, and the two rightmost staged pieces.
  • Middle bot places their preload, drives over the charge station, then balances.

I don’t know about you but this is INCREDIBLY finicky to me. I don’t think it’s IMPOSSIBLE, but at the moment even the simplest auto here (middle bot’s routine) is extremely top tier. Excuse my ignorance, but I’m not even sure a 3 piece auto exists yet (if it does, send me the clip :slight_smile: )

I think it’s definitely possible, given you have three top teams coordinating before the match, but while full grids are probably going to be relatively common within the next few weeks, 194s are going to be… scarce, to say the least.


If you want an alliance to score all 4 staged pieces, then I would expect 2910’s Yoshi auto to be of great contribution.

Not sure how much faster this auto can go, but they scored their preload, and 2 of the staged, as well as balance.

If another bot can get the other 2 staged, then it should be good enough. It might not be the highest auto score, but all 4 staged will be scored. If the 3rd robot is to balance instead of 2910, then 2910 could take the extra time and position themselves in a way to cut down on distance to substation during teleop, reducing the first teleop cycle time.

The robot on the cable side would need to really have their auto tuned though.

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Actually… robots can launch a game piece so long as they break the plane of the community right? Does this rule apply during auton?

If so, then maybe the left bot scores preload + 2, middle bot drive over for mobility + launches a piece (looks to 1493’s robot), and the right bot score preload + 1. Auton of 3/2/2

3 pieces exist. Look at 971 and 2910. Some teams have tempermental 5 pieces by shooting cubes like 3847. The upper echelon has 2.5 (score 2 grab 1) right now, so I’d expect this to evolve into 3 element by dchamps/worlds. I think auto is gonna be the biggest luck factor for 193, but we’re absolutely gonna see multiple perfect autos at worlds.


It doesn’t need to be the highest auto score. The perfect score does not require 7 high scores, it just needs the 7 extra points from scoring those 7 prestaged pieces in auto instead of teleop. If a hypothetical alliance is filling the grid anyway, focusing on low cubes is likely the fastest way to get the 4 preloads to a scoring location.


We had a functional 3 piece at Miami valley. It is tough and what poses the question. Likely you are right the 3/3/1 is the case. The second 3 being the tough case on the cable side and likely the most susceptible to issues. Multiple teams have a 3 piece but I think 4 piece is likely not possible.

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Technically a perfect score would require all 7 pieces to be high or else there is a better possible score

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not if you fill the grid. all positions in auto are worth 1 point more than teleop so if you fill the grid it doesn’t matter where you score in auto only that you score all available pieces.


No if you score all high it is worth more points than if you don’t. Perfect game is the highest possible score. All would have to be scored high

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What is the point difference between scoring 7 low cubes in auto and 20 other pieces in tele, versus 7 high pieces in auto and 20 other pieces in tele? Do the math.


Point taken. My bad. if they are all one more point then location doesn’t matter. Hadn’t considered all low at the highest level of play. Honestly not sure why first made the point differential standard and so small

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I don’t see why not.

Having only a surface level of writing autos… that sounds like hell to code though, and beyond situational.

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But if it works…

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6002 has a center auto that launches a cube from the top of the charge station, though i think it’s only gone in once. definitely possible but probably not reliable enough to be the meta

You’re right it is kinda underwhelming. Especially when an engage in auto, which was top tier the first couple weeks but is the baseline on an alliance right now, is worth so many points.

In a potential unpenalized, full mobility, full grid, full engage match, that means the number of pieces scored in auto essentially becomes the decider. And while it’s just a corner case it’s a pretty stupid way to decide a match.

6002 having done it multiple times, and only scoring once just means it is possible. Quals 70 - FIM District St. Joseph Event presented by Whirlpool Corporation 2023 - The Blue Alliance

No offense to them, but it doesn’t seem that they are a robot built for the task- 1493 is a literal cube-shooting-cycler.

The chokehold is time and code.

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It might take some chicanery, but I wonder how fast you can really send it over the cable bump. Odometry can be corrected via apriltags

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I am gonna find out tonight. We are going 2m/s right now with no update. Gonna see if we can juice that up. Have 2.5 right now that way. Just need a little more to get to 3. And maybe launching it from the cable protector is the way

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Team 179 has a 3 piece auto, I think they have since South Florida and my team currently has a 21 point auto (High goal cone, mobility, and dock).