Auto body Stand Robot cart

Has anyone thought about placing a bracket on your bot so it can be supported by a engine stand or full car body stand. Like

In thought It wouldn’t be a bad idea. You could rotate your bot easily and its used to support heavy loads. The only problem it the support on an engine stand is for a more compact object and a body stand would be to big for you pit or to bring into the pits.

It’s an interesting thought, but it is something that you have to design a robot around. The robot has to attach to the stand using bolts on a vertical plane. This year this would have been easy, the game lent itself to “tower bots”. The game changes every year and future designs may not be conducive to this type of mounting system.

The other problem that I see is lifting a robot to the hight of the engine stand to mount it.

That being said, the ability to easily move a robot and rotate it to work at any angle would be amazing. If you could design something from the ground up to do this safely it would make work a lot easier.

What about one that is made to bolt onto the KOP Andymark C Channel