Auto CAD

Does anyone have a tutorial or instructions on how to use Auto CAD? I’m not sure if it matters which year, but I’m trying to learn the 2002 version, and since I only really have another week to play around with it before school, I think instructions would come in handy. :slight_smile: If anyone has them, I guess post them here, or e-mail them to me.


Well, AutoCAD can be a bit complex, so trying to provide instructions will be just a bit difficult.

What, exactly, are you trying to do that you’re having difficulty with? I’ve never been formally educated in the ways of AutoCAD, but I’ve managed to teach myself an awful lot, and as a result, of been the CAD-Zen master of my teams.

Anyway, I’m available to help as much as I can if anyone needs it, and if there’s something I don’t know, I’ll go ahead and learn it.

Of course, that means I’ll have to get a copied installed on my PC again… hmm…

I took a course on CAD… I use it day to day in school, and no i don’t really know how to use it. Its like 3D MAX you can use it, but you cant ever know how to use it.

I suggest a big fat book, or talking one to one with someone who knows what they are doing… if you have some basic questions im sure there are people around here that can help, but like 3D max it would be very hard to teach it.

i just want a copy of the tutorial. I found out last night that autocad comes on 2 CDs, and the second one is the tutorial, so that’s what i’m trying to get my hands on.
I’ll def. ask you guys if I have specific questions though. thanks

alright, good luck that tutorial is probably a good place to start :slight_smile:

I have something called “AutoCAD Learning Assistance” that came with AutoCAD R14. I don’t think it has much as far as tutorials but it might help a little. I just zipped it up and put it on the web so I think it should work if you unzip it and run the .exe. You can dl it at (800k).

Also I bet you can find hundreds of tutes on the web for autoCAD, I know you can for 3dsmax.

I also self taught in Autocad but that was going back to 2.1 on a Tandy8086. I am just about to load 2002 when I can get some time. The one thing that has always kept me going was knowing that if I could draw on paper I could do it in Autocad. My recomendation is to start with a simple project to learn the lay of the land. Acad comes with some easily understandable pull down menus. Start with learning what’s under the draw pull down. This will help you learn how Acad gets stuff on the screen. In the back of your mind remember that Acad is just a big database. A line has to have a start point, a direction and a magnitude, so you have to give that data in some form. Either using the mouse or coordinates or start point, etc. All of them work and will draw the same line.
Once you are working comfortably, try looking into Object Snap. This will allow you to draw with relation to what is already in your drawing. If you draw one line, chances are you are either going to draw another line at the ENDpoint, MIDpoint, PERPinducular to or NEAR it.
Don’t be confused by all the stuff you see in the program. Acad has found that people work differently and have provided several ways to accomplish tasks. Tool bars simply are GUI’s for the pull downs which are easier to use than typing the command. For real speed you ought to see a graphics tablet at work with onscreen menus. If you get into a bind, send me an e-mail and I will try to help you out.

Stacy, besides working full time at Delphi - I teach at night at a local College. I’ve taught AutoCad 14 and would suggest that you look into getting “AutoCad and its Applications - Advanced” by Shumaker and Madsen. I also used a wonderful refernce book called “AutoCad for Dummies” no pun intended - it really is a good reference. If you are using AutoCad 2000, a much improved version than AutoCAD 14, I would suggest the same, as I know that they are available. Good Luck - If you have specific questions, send me an email and I’ll see if I can help you out.