Auto Chooser during Competition

I was wondering if anyone knew how the autonomous chooser works at competition. Are we still able to choose an autonomous from our own dashboard even though the auto is being run through the FMS radio?

Since I’m not a driver or someone allowed near the drivers during competition, I don’t know the exact process that occurs before autonomous starts. From my understanding, autonomous is started by the officials at the match, and I was told that we are not allowed to input on our laptops before autonomous starts. Does this mean we cannot choose an autonomous command on the fly after communicating with our alliance?

You can. The robot can do some stuff before the match officially starts, such as putting the auto chooser on the dashboard and accepting results. When the FMS starts it just runs whatever block of code is in the Auto sections of the code. It really doesnt care where its getting inputs from

Edit: You can see disabledPeriodic Here: Creating a Robot Program — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

To be clear…. The driver station will be controlled by the FMS (field management system) so you don’t need to pick auto there but you can pick your autonomous routine via Shuffleboard, Glass, etc.


Thank you for the clarification, we actually were at competition when I sent this post and we used auto chooser at competition!

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