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I imported my teams’ code from 2020 into 2021 Visual Studios and am getting an error on all of my auto sequences. We used SequnetialCommandGroups to run our auto last year but now in 2021, it is giving me an error saying the constructor is undefined. I am stuck because we didn’t get this error last year and have not changed anything since then.

Could you perhaps share your code and provide a more specific error traceback? What language are you using?

More information is going to be needed for anyone to help you.

I’m coding in java. That is a picture of the code and the error it is throwing.

One formatting tip, objects are generally UpperCamelCase like VisionTarget, EncoderMovement,etc. Are all those commands you put into the sequential group actually commands?

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Yes, this is code the functioned near flawlessly last year at the competition but once imported without making any changes no longer functions. I could not find any changes relating to this anywhere.

We need to see your commands themselves to help more.

They can be found at this link to our GitHub repository. @ GitHub - frc4610/infinite_recharge

Vs code is probably thrown off by the capitalization. Does it build correctly?

Yes, it builds just like normal. I do not believe the capitalization had any effect on the code. As seen above it is giving the error of the construct undefined.

If the code actually compiles properly without Java errors, then the “error message” is coming from VSCode guessing on classes. Class names are by convention capitalized, so the fact that you are using lowercase class names may be confusing the VSCode parser.


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