Auto code


The sandstorm mode can be controlled by autonomous code like previous years, OR TELEOPERATE right?
The reveal video at about 1:00

I a-polar-gize if i did the wrong thing for the category, i couldn’t find technical by it self


So far this is not clear, so we will have to wait for the Q&A for a definite answer. From what our team has discussed, because Sandstorm is scored with the rest of the match and there is no stop time in-between, you can run an auton-only code for that time or you can tele-op. What we have been considering is have a code in robot init that runs the auton based on livewindow input


This was clarified in the New for 2019 section of the wpi library where it reads

Sandstorm Coding

  • Mode - Despite the Sandstorm not truly being an “Autonomous” mode, all code (DS, robot code, etc.) will continue to refer to this period as “Autonomous” or “Auto” for continuity
  • Joystick Access - For this season only, joystick data will not be cached on the transition to Autonomous. Teams will be able to access updated joystick data throughout the Autonomous/Sandstorm period.
  • Game Data - There is no game data for the 2019 season.




If you’re looking to go to a fully operator controlled robot during SANDSTORM, the easiest way to accomplish this would likely be to place the Teleop VI inside the Autonomous case in Robot Main. This is one of the few times I’d recommend making a change to Robot Main.

I haven’t taken the time to determine how I’d recommend starting an Auto routine with the option for drivers to abort and take over the controls. This would have to take place inside the Autonomous VI.

Also, as a note, there has to be a stop time between SANDSTORM and Teleop. How else will they raise the magical curtains to allow you to see the field?


From the field tour videos, it sounds like the curtain takes one to two seconds to raise. I haven’t seen anything official about pauses between Sandstorm and Teleop, but my guess would be that there is none. If anyone has anything official that I missed, that would be cool, otherwise I think it’s a Q&A question.


There have been delays between autonomous and teleop in the past (e.g. Stronghold, to allow time for boulders to be counted), so it’s not out of the question, but the timeline in section 4.11 of the manual (currently p. 32) doesn’t mention any delays. Then again, the 2016 manual didn’t mention any delays, so it might be a good question for Q&A.


There’s nothing to be counted between Sandstorm and teleop this year, though. All the hatch panels and cargo are counted at T=0, as far as I’m able to tell.


On the same New for 2019 section from the wpi library section there is (at least as of now) another section that at least helps answer this question.

In 2016 and every other year (since 2011) I don’t remember any FRC game having more than about a second delay between Autonomous and TeleOp. That may be a thing in FTC though.