auto-correct device as going over hump

is it legal for a device to come out of the robot for under 2 seconds to help the robot as it tips over coming over the hump. the way we see it our robot is going to tip forward as it goes over the hump and we want to use a pnuematic to push it back as it goes over, legal or not? we can not seem to find the answer in the rules.

<G30> has the only allowed exceptions to <R16>. Keeping your robot from tipping is not one of those exceptions, although getting back upright is.

There’s also a Q&A that confirms devices like anti-roll bars cannot extend past your FRAME PERIMETER.

the rule says as long as it is correcting itself. technically that is what it would be doing is correcting itself. the rule does not state that the robot has to be in a non moving fashion. Or it could be considered a over the hump kicking mech right? I did not see a rule that says you can only have one kicking mech. I don’t know I am just thinking outloud.

I’m not sure why I bother, but read this:

<R30> b. ROBOT Righting Volume - ROBOTS attempting to right themselves or their ALLIANCE partners may expand up to the FINALE CONFIGURATION maximum volume while, and only while, performing the righting operation. While beyond the NORMAL CONFIGURATION volume and righting, ROBOTS may not actively interact with BALLS or opponent ROBOTS.
(emphasis mine)

That implies that you are already down. Therefore, extending before you go down gets you a penalty and yellow card.

It would also not be a kicker, because the protection in <G30-A> specifies that it’s only to interact with a ball.

you bother, because you care, thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

This is the answer you are looking for…

<G30> ROBOT Volume – During a MATCH, no part of the ROBOT shall extend outside the vertical projection of the FRAME PERIMETER, except as follows:
a. BALL Interaction Volume – Solely for the purposes of interacting with a BALL, MECHANISMS that are below the BUMPER may extend up to the BUMPER PERIMETER, for a period not exceeding two seconds. After returning inside the FRAMER PERIMETER, such MECHANISMS are not permitted to re-extend beyond the FRAME PERIMETER for at least two seconds.

With those restrictions, I don’t think you can use your mechanism to keep from tipping.

Unless that mechanism is the kicker.

Did you not read the first phrase of <G30-A>?

Solely for the purposes of interacting with a BALL,