Auto-engaging Omni Wheels?

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We were given an old robot, and when we engage it, it automatically engages all the motors. It has a type of omni-wheel set up. Does anyone have any info on these types of drive trains, and how to program them in LabView? Or why it is engaging all motors from the moment of connection? When we move the joystick, it actually SLOWS DOWN and STOPS the motors!

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Could you send the picture for us to see please?

Can you see it now?

yes! this is just a mecanum wheel upgrade someone put on their am14U3 chassis! however this is a link to the am14U4 chassis upgrade i’m giving you but in it’s purposes it’s the similar thing you are looking at.

I’m more concerned about the auto driving motors. Is there any code in the bot?

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really this is all I can say about this, not to go towards programming but as @Amicus1 says it could be a programming issue

Yes, but it is in a different language that ours (We have LabView, We think they had Java) and we don’t have access to the old code, even though it is on the RoboRio! We are hesitant to start from stitch, we just wanted to try driving this thing (We think it is arcade mode) but maybe we should just code a new arcade drive in Labview and scratch the old code?

yes you will probably want to reprogram it since the program is unknown just keep in mind this drivetrain can go in many directions

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Ok, sounds great, does anyone know where I can find instructions on programming a mecanum wheel drivetrain in LabView?

I would check joystick trims or similar.

Mecanums run all motors except in very specific directions, so I’m going to suggest that you may want to look at joystick trims and then speed controller calibrations. It’s entirely possible that you’ve got something out of trim.

Either that, or somebody’s conversion code isn’t working properly. It should be taking a joystick 127 and setting it to PWM 127, but it sounds like it’s taking a joystick 127, setting it as “speed = 0”, and setting “PWM = speed”… which would slap the motor(s) in question to full reverse or full forwards.

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