Auto-Nav Challenge Path Mirrored

so somehow we accidently mirrored our autonav paths along the long way of the field. The deadline for submissions is in 19 hours. Is there any rule that says that you can’t mirror the paths or are we screwed unless we want to redo the runs.

Are they mirrored like this?

If they are, I think it won’t work because it’s a different path. For barrel racing, you’re turning right to start with if you’re mirrored like this instead of turning left.

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Yeah that’s pretty much exactly what were doing. Theoretically you don’t get any advantage from doing the mirror path. Regardless, were working right now on getting the correct version done.

Out of curiosity, did you guys get it done? That’s quite the feat!

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we did end up getting all the paths done. Our bounce path hit 4 cones but it was 11:30pm so we decided to pack things up and call it a day. We realized that instead of re-doing the autonomous routine itself we could just flip the way our gyro read its angle, so it wasn’t the worst once we got it sorted out.

Flipping the gyro; genius! At least you guys have a really strong hyperdrive!

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