Auto not working


I have been having a hard time with autonomous- I programmed it like I usually do, but it is not even moving-

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I’m trying to drive for a certain amount of time at a certain speed (these times and speeds haven’t been tested yet so disregard the time and speed values)- but it should at least move rn and it is not - if anyone needs more code to try and see the problem, I can take more pics, but I don’t have access to github rn

It seems like you declared new subsystems in your auto command group instead of using the existing ones from robot container.

I used a sequential command that was declared and instantiated in robot container

How do I uses commands from robot container in my sequential command?

If theyre declared and initialized in robotcontainer, you can pass them in via the constructor of the auto command. Not very good at auto, myself, but thats how Ive been passing subsystems and the like to my commands without creating more than one

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Hey Flash, I’ll get back to you soon I’ma ask my programming mentor here at 107, be back soon

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I think this is the best option when using robotcontainer. Also one of the reasons I dislike robot container.

Do the commands need to be instantiated in robot container for the sequential command to work?

No, you can instantiate them in the group, you just need to pass the existing subsystems into the groups constructor so you can pass them into the commands in the command group.


That makes sense - thank you - I’ll see if that works

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It worked! Thanks everyone!!!

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