Auto overlooked

Our programing team said that the judges can move your robot if they think you are positioning it so we are using a gyro to find a wall and stuff, but i haven’t seen other teams doing any kind of adjustments with there robots autonomus code. Just wanted to let you guys know if you are hard coding it to do stuff at a certin position on the feild you might run in to trouble.

Your programming team is wrong. The judges will never reposition your robot. The referees might, but only under certain circumstances.

The referees may only reposition your robot if you use an external alignment device. This is all spelled out clearly in the Game section of the rules (I don’t have time to look up the rule number at the moment)


A couple years ago we were using a gyro, and a ref re-positioned our robot before a match, but since the gyro was already running the 'bot corrected itself and went on it’s way.

Also, some referees may move or ask you to move your machine slightly if it doesn’t meet all of the requirements for starting positions (Not completely touching a wall or bump etc…). Usually though, they will ask you to move it, and I’ve never seen a referee give a robot more than a slight tap to get it to move.