Auto Period Cargo Placment

Hey everyone!
My team and I are struggling to find the specific measurements of each of the 12 cargos that are staged in the auto period.
we need a reference point to the center of the field or (preferred) to the bottom left corner of the field.


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Figure 6-2 tells you the radius of the circle they sit on, if you already know the size of the Tarmac.

It’s not on the Layout Markings Diagram here? Drawing FE-2022 Sheet 4?

It was easiest for me to use the Onshape model.

Basically, click a cargo, then something central to hub. I’ve been using the lower hub circular base edge. Then click the tape measure to pull up the center-to-center distances for x and y. I have a tape line with the hub that is parallel to the field walls, that I use to measure along for y and perpendicular to for x, to make the placements.

This is also how I taped the tarmac by selecting the tape corners.




OP can correct if I’m wrong here, but I believe they are referring explicitly to the 12 cargo placed around the hub on the 25’ - 6" diameter circle at the beginning of a match (so 6 red, and 6 blue).


yes, that’s what I was referring to in my post above

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I actually ran the FIRST drawings and rules thru an AutoCAD drawing, trying to recreate the Field for my team. I then sprinkled a small amount of pixie dust to make it resolve to actual locations. (This is typical every year for converting engineered drawings to real life imperial dimensions.) As far as I can tell, the Cargo are 30-inches apart on the 12’-9 radius circle, starting at 15-inches off the center lines of the four dividing quadrants. (30" on the arc or 30" straight?) Take that with a grain of salt – I certainly will. (Some of the dimensions were off from each other by < 1/2".) Hopefully by the time I have to actually build a Field in March there will be easier specifications.

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So…what do you think the tolerance will be on location? near the end of an event, when things have moved around a bit?


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Hopefully we can flatten the carpet more than the Kickoff field.
This year, with an object robots will be banging all sides, it should end up in the same place.
The Terminal will probably stretch the carpet too.

I’m a field supervisor. I’ve also seen our carpet many times in action. I expect ball placements to move less than 2 inches in any dirrection over an event. Avearage will more likely be under half an inch. The one outlier is if there is a carpet tear near a ball placement. I really can’t tell what that will do. The cargo placement rings are put on the carpet manually, so they are subject to human error. Therefore, there will be a variance between events. I expect it to be small. You should varify your autonomous during practice sessions at each event.


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