Auto run

I am not sure if this is the right forum for this so please move it if it is not.
Ok I am making a flash presentation to be put on a cd, and I wanted it to automatically play when the cd was inserted so it would be more user friendly. So I wanted to know what the best way to do this is.

I believe you need to make an autorun.inf (.ini maybe?) in the root directory of the cd. I think something like this would work:


I’m not positive about that (it may need to have an EXE associated with it. Maybe I’m mistake (I probably am :P), but isn’t there a way to export a Flash movie to an EXE? If you have a few blank cd’s or an image mounter for CDs, you can test it out)

Does that go into a regular notepad file or something special, and what is the root directory?

You write it in notepad and change the extension (and the correct one is .INF)

open=browsercall.exe HauppaugeEagles.htm

It calls an exe (browsercall.exe) and opens a file on the CD - “HauppaugeEagles.htm”, I’m not sure what the exe says. :ahh:

I can e-mail it to you though if you want to play around w/ it.

Root directory means put it on the CD, but not in any folders so when it burns and you open the cd it’ll be in “D:”, not like “D:\my folder 1\my folder 2\my folder17”