Auto starting program on Jetson Tk1

I am having issues getting our vision processing program to auto-start when the Jetson Tk-1 starts. We use C++. Has anyone done this? I’m the only programmer with no mentor help, so any help would be hugely appreciated.

You can add your C++ executable to the rc.local file that is located in /etc/rc.local

I have added it to the rc.local file and it does not run.

Writing a SystemD service is pretty damn reliable and makes debugging easy. I’d recommend that over rc.local.

System D doesn’t work on Ubuntu 14.04. Upstart doesn’t work

It runs just fine manually but when going to run at start up, it does nothing. It’s acting like it’s not even being executed. We put a simple output as the first line in the program and that didn’t show up.

This is what we have at etc/rc.local

#!/bin/sh -e
some comments in here
#exit 0

We finally figured it out. We added the run command at the end of the .bashrc file