Auto - Weaken Defenses - Question


We’ve been having an “argument” about this issue over on Team 1289 about whether or not defenses can be weakened during autonomous. Some of us are under the impression that it can be damaged, and some of us not. So we are just wondering whether or not the damages can be weakened when crossed during auto.

Cristian Welcome
Mechanical Lead
GearHeadz - #1289

So in order to DAMAGE a defense in auto, two distinct robots would have to CROSS it.

I believe the OP was asking if the defense is weakened when crossed.

The answer is yes it will be weakened, but as mentioned above, one robot cannot completely damage (reduce strength completely) the outerworks alone in autonomous and would need an different robot to cross the same defense.

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The answer is Yes, but this will be the definitive answer:

BTW: This has been asked numerous times. Search is your friend.

This seems pretty clear to me. In autonomous, the first, and only the first, crossing by each robot counts for points or defense strength. Probably still worth a Q&A, of course.

Thanks for the replies, the information is very useful. :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure to search around next time before asking questions. Thanks very much good luck to you guys :slight_smile: