auto zone landmark

the auto zone landmark located in the center of the auto-zone, used for guidance in finding a place to stack the auto totes.

how do teams plan on using this and do you consider it to even be worth relying on a partners to help stack?

you have to consider the difficulty, all three robots have to be lined up in there perfect spot (a 1/4 inch off at the start could mean 5 inches at the end), you have to ensure no collisions happen with in robots and traveling over the hump could easily offset your robots balance.

Our team has decided that if we want the stack point we have to do it our self.

What do other teams think?

Our team has decided that if we can implement the 20pt autonomous then we will talk to our alliance members before-hand and have them simply change their auto code to go back into the auto zone for the robot set points. We cannot risk a collision.

I also believe its best if just one robot handles all three totes.

While that would be ideal it would be very hard to implement 3 totes and not run out of auto time. I personally dont think tote stacks in auto would be very common, since even if you use the landmark as a guide you would still have to work together beforehand to make sure that each team knows where a) they are starting, b) How high they are stacking (unless they could implement sensors for that) and most importantly c) timing it so that the robots do not collide. With so much relying on teams working together I doubt its going to happen.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say (fully aware of how difficult this is) that someone…cough 254 cough…will figure out how to get all three totes and all three containers into the auto zone in 15 seconds.

It will be a beautiful thing to behold…it’s just a shame that it will happen right at the beginning of a match, rather than be a “buzzer-beater” type occurrence.

I agree, and even more beautiful to see will be a coordinated three robot effort using the vision targets to make the stack. We ought to start planning this now (powerhouse teams). Instead of using the landmark (which is only a field layout datum), stack on the open side and put the containers on the other side.