does anyone know wait the lines on the field are made of? is it some sort of reflective tape?

I’m pretty sure that is Duck tape but it might be Masking.

Just to clarify, Duct tape is a kind of tape and Duck Tape is a brand of Duct tape. :slight_smile:

Now, for what the actual tape is, I have no idea. It isn’t in the documentation on the Innovation FIRST website?

On the VexLabs site, they have posted a 2006 FVC detailed field drawings document (, as well as other documents of interest. On the final page (63), in a field assembly diagram labeled “Autonomous Field Lines”, it says to “Tape Lines as Shown using 3/4” Wide WHITE Vinyl Electrical Tape".
VexLabs (IFI) is a sponsor of this season’s FVC competition, and is supplying official parts for field construction, so I expect that this information is accurate (and certainly much more detailed than has been seen previously).