Autoadd picture description into Extra Discussion threads

I’ve noticed that when people just start looking at the threads on the portal instead of looking at the CD-Media section, they begin to miss the description on the photo and ask lots of questions that were previously answered. Would there be any way to automatically add the picture description under the picture on Extra Discussion threads?


I agree when i go to pic threads i have to go and go to cd media to get the whole story so i understand what is going on and then post to the thread

it elliminates problems of people asking questions answered in the description of the picture in the thread (or at least it should)

The same thing occurs for those of us who are reading the RSS feed. If it could be changed there, too that would be great (or just make the RSS feeds link to CD media for those threads, if that’s easier).

My original intent was to have the description in the thread … I want it to automatically update if the description changes in CD-Media, so I held off until I could figure out a good way to make this happen.

As for RSS … shouldn’t be hard to get in there. It’s on my list.