autocad 2006 free trial

Searched chiefdelphi but didn’t find anything like this:

30 day trail don’t know the detals :smiley:

Yea, I looked into that too. I would guess that it is a full version, which would only operate for 30 days. It seems like you have to fill out a form, but I’m not sure if it is purely for survey, or if they check it prior to allowing you to trial the software, but I have a feeling it’s the latter. I would guess that any one involved in FIRST wouldn’t have a problem getting access to the the demo, should access be required.

This very interesting, I think once school stars I will tell my drafting teacher to get it. He upgrades every year but it would be nice to try it before the school makes the purchase.

Thanks for sharing


It’s funny, if you ask any industry professional they have all heard of AutoCAD (and most use it) but none have heard of Inventor. Astonishing. I believe Inventor is a far superior product. I wish industry would move into the modern age of CAD.

As for a free AutoCAD trial, I wouldn’t bother with that, I’d rather dish out the $70 for a 2 year use educational version SolidWorks.

You don’t have to prove anything to them, you just fill out the form and get the CDRom.

Even better, you don’t have to reinstall anything if and when you buy a license from them, all you will do is click an activate button and enter in your new serial number. The trial disc is literally the same as a full version disc, except that they tell you to use the serial number 000-000(some number of zeroes)

The whole format has change BIG Time compare to 2004. The tutorials are actually helpful.

allrighty, got mine in the mail today…however it was all scratched!!! maybe these were defects? anybody else get these bad disc errors???

Hey guys. I have used autocad 2006, and let me tell you…it’s amazing! I’m more of an inventor/3dsmax guy (because I’m an animator and prefer 3D)…but I know a lot about CAD, and 2006 is really great. It takes a step further towards making 3D CAD drawings, which is really cool and helpful. So I just wanted to comment on that. Peace.

I am currently using auto cadd 2000, is there any significant changes from 2000 to 2006?

I can’t say for sure about 06, but I got the version that First sent us last year (04? i think) and it works much smoother and faster than 2000 does. I believe that one can do more with certain commands (i don’t know the difference for sure, cause i use only the more basic 3d stuff for everything), but from what i hear 06 is a whole ----load better.