AutoCAD Copy/Paste Problems

Ok, first off the situation: I’m drawing up the floor plan of a factory. Engineers send me their rough version of what it should look something like and I go out on the floor and make it match what it actually is. Sounds easy, sort of is…Except, now I’ve got a problem.

The Problem: When I go to copy their drawings into the main layout, the text gets changed. Below is an example. Also, I lose all of my groupings.

My attempts to fix: I’ve tried to do a similar thing in two new files and the text copies over without any trouble. I still lose my groupings. This tells me that it cannot be a computer problem, or a setting. I tried copying and pasting with objects in addition to text and that still happens. I have no clue what the problem is and will try anything to fix.

About the attachment: This is a screen shot of what happens when I copy/paste “Work Bench”. I know I could fix this by mirroring each text file. I have done this for about a 5% of what I’ve drawn and know that it takes forever. What’s more is that it is going to get copy/pasted by someone else who will also need to do all this. Overall, costing the company a hefty fee.

Ok, just talked to the tech people and they suggest that I group parts as a block. It works even though it is a real pain. Only thought, any way of making a block without naming it? Also, they suggested that the text reverts back to its original form when it is copied over. This is nonsense. The text was clearly written without any modifications after its original writing. And it still messes it up. For the grouping problem, consider it solved. For the text problem, I still need a solution.

Your text is just mirrored vertically. I’d assume you already saw that though.

To solve that, just turn your monitor upside down. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding of course, but yep. That’s the case. Your text is mirrored. Not sure how it got pasted in that way unless when you pasted it in you changed some of the options - or they were already set “wrong”.

Best way to paste something in (such as a block) is just to Ctrl-V it in approximately where you want it (paste) & hit enter about 3 times. (The 3 things you are “entering through” control your rotation & scale.

Your command line may look similar to this after doing that:

Command: '_pasteclip Insertion point: 
X scale factor <1> / Corner / XYZ:    
Y scale factor (default=X):
Rotation angle <0>:

Check to see that your settings match that, or when you paste it in, throw us a copy of the command line to see what’s going on with the options.
If everything looks like the above, you *should *be golden.

If you draw a box out of 4 individual lines for example, & then window around all the 4 lines (selecting all) & then Ctrl-C it “out of AutoCAD” & then Ctrl-V it back “into AutoCAD” it is now magically a block. It is now a single entity that you can move around as one piece.
(The same works if you copy something from another drawing into your drawing - yo uwill notice it will come in as one entity)

To convert that block back into single lines to be able to edit again, click on the box, & then hit your explode command or (Modify > Explode).

Your block will now be restored to 4 individual lines.

Any more AutoCAD (2D) questions you have, or if what I’ve said so far hasn’t been clear enough feel free to PM me.
I’ve been using AutoCAD 2D for about 10 years now, so it’s like second nature this kind of stuff. lol w00t!