AutoCAD help

I’m trying to install AutoCAD on our 2gopc classmate but the window cuts of at the bottom of the screen and I have the resolution all the way up.

I don’t know what causes that, but installing stuff on Classmates is a bad idea… Not just AutoCAD, but pretty much any stuff. I’m 100% sure the Classmate is not capable of running AutoCAD properly, without even looking at the specs and requirements.

The 2goPC likely does not have enough processing power to handle complex applications like AutoCAD. Also, the lack of hard drive space makes installing any programs hard to do. See this link for AutoCAD’s system requirements.

If your system does meet the requirements listed in the Autocad site, you might want to try looking at your options under the tools menu pull down. There is a tab for display in that menu and you may try changing some of the options. You didn’t mention if there was a lot of room at the top. Is your Windows toolbar visible below the Autocad screen? If it is, you may simply have the Autocad tool bar closed. Try cntrl+9 to turn it on.