AutoCad Inventor in KOP?

I thought I had seen an e-mail blast that we would recieved AutoCad Inventor in the KOP? Is that not true? The e-mail said that we would get 25 seats of Inventor?

Nope, it doesn’t come in the KOP. You should have received it by mail directly from Autodesk along with 3DS Max as soon as your team paid the deposit. If you haven’t received the software, please contact FIRST or me and I can try to help you.

FIRST Senior Mentor - NYC
[email protected]

I believe it was already mailed to teams.

Oh no…

I guess we haven’t recieved ours. I’ll send an e-mail. Thanks for the heads up!

When did you received your software?


They mailed it out quite a while ago, sometime in November I believe… or was that December?

Did I miss something? How did you know they mailed them out? Did they tell “Hey we are sending software in the mail?” Or did it just show up one day?

I might have missed a FIRST e-mail blast, but I though I had read every one.

I am just trying to understand where I need to pay attention better for next year so I know when to raise a red flag before now.

There wasn’t a specific FIRST e-mail blast about the shipping of the software because they weren’t mailed ALL at one time. They were being sent as teams registered and paid for their first regional competition. Also, before calling FIRST I would recommend that you double-check all of your team’s information on TIMS… especially the section on shipping contact and address. That could tell you where the package was sent to; however, if there are conflicting or missing information, they will not send you anything until you have corrected your team’s data.

I just doubled checked TIMS. We are ok. The last time I checked, was when I told TIMS where to send the Kit of Parts too. (I chose Kokomo, IN). At that time, I remember having all green check marks and the shipping address is still correct. We got our kit of parts ok today at Kokomo, IN. But what you said makes sense, and I just doubled checked it, looks ok to me just moments ago.