Autocorrect knows you're addicted to FIRST

I recently ran into the problem where autocorrect has started correcting simple words into FIRST related words or phrases. Here are a few examples:

  1. Blue - BlueAlliancingYouNow
  2. First - FIRST (which I think is a common problem)
  3. F - FRC
  4. Totally - toteally
  5. literally - LITERally

Am I the only one that struggles with this?

I have all of these, but “water” also gets corrected into “water game”.

I need to step up my game so this happens to me.

I get teams as well

“Robo” becomes Robowranglers & Robonauts
“Ch” becomes Cheesy Poofs & Chezy Pofs

I have had mom autocorrect into MKM because of the MidKnight Mayhem event. Thanks Libby…

I came here to post the same.

Also, my phone refuses the word Midnight in favor of adding the K… Whoops.

Haha. I use the word Simbotics so much that whenever I type “s”, The first suggestion is Simbotics. Plus, my phone no longer considers “Simbotics” to be misspelled.