Autodesk 3D Design Award Question

The CAD team I am a part of is participating in the 3D Design Award. We have read the requirements and are a little confused on one requirement.

The criteria state that “Each entry will submit one (1) video produced as the output from Autodesk Inventor Publisher 2012”. We have created an animation on Inventor Publisher, but plan on adding a voiceover with the help of Adobe Premiere Pro. Does this still count as being outputted from Publisher or will we have to do the voiceover within Publisher (and if so, how would a voiceover be added within Publisher)?


~Kyle Steven Beggs

I’m also registering for the Autodesk Design Award. I did my video using screen videos and Inventor Publisher then making it into a movie using Final Cut Pro. The rules just said to select Inventor Publisher as your output source.
Do you have any video links on previous submissions? -That would be very helpful to me and any other Autodesk Design Award submitter.

I don’t have them with me right now, but from what I’ve seen, all of the videos have been silent with only annotations. Only one video we’ve seen so far had any voiceover, and judging by the rest of their video, they didn’t follow directions very well regarding the theme of the video. :confused:

A more professional way to describe your robot’s functions is with video text descriptions. Also, Publisher let’s you have little bubbles of text that you can attach to a section of the CAD. I will post my CAD video here tomorrow or the day after for reviews.
If you have questions on the rules there are several chief-delphi users from Autodesk that you can ask.

My CAD award submission video:

feel free to comment :smiley:

Any last minute questions or comments?