Autodesk Animation Award

Do the teams need to do something like pay for something or register for something to get an Animation package that i am told we need? What is this and when should I get it, and how? Please help, thanks.

If you are talking about recieving the software (3d studio max, inventor), they ship it to you. FIRST (they will post the directions how to submit it after the kickoff) asks you to submit the award few weeks after ship date (late february, before first week regionals). Good luck.

Thanks. So they ship once I register the team?

I was wondering the same thing, do you get the software at kickoff, or before?

Ok, there is an issue right now that they didn’t begin shipping until November 17th. We still haven’t been sent an email saying that ours has shipped yet. As to what you have to do, you have to make sure to update all of your TIMS information. It will be shipped out to you soon.

I just got a tracking number email on Friday that my Autodesk shipment should arrive on Wed Nov 23. I’m on vacation this week but maybe I’ll go in to pick it up anyways.