Autodesk Award 2014

Ok, so does anyone know if Autodesk is returning in 2014 for the Excellence in 3D Design and Animation awards?

Taken from an FRC Blog post back in July on the topic of the Excellence in Design Awards

Also, in direct response to the elimination of this award in 2013, Team 116, Epsilon Delta, led a group of others in creating the Underground Society of Animators that Kevin mentioned, along with their own award. This, in turn, gave FIRST HQ the idea of the ‘Community Awards’ concept. (We don’t have the details for Community Awards finalized yet, but I hope to get them completed and published soon.) The elimination of this award had a clear ripple effect, some positive, some negative.

The good news for the design and animation award in particular is that, working with FIRST friend Dave Lavery, we have what I think are some exciting possibilities for 2014. I can’t make any promises yet, but stay tuned.

FIRST is looking into the award, but nothing official has been confirmed.

I hope they do. Our team is counting on it.