Autodesk Booth Atlanta

Hey hey! one week away from the championship in Atlanta! For those of you who don’t know, in the middle of the pit area there is the Autodesk Booth where most animators congregate. Ted Boardman will be giving presentations on 3ds max which is suitable for newbies. I learned a lot the first year I was there. But if your looking for more advanced stuff be sure to seek out some other people in the booth. I will be their all day, make sure to bring some note taking supplies.

See you all at Atlanta!

I thought Ted Boardman’s presentations were great two years ago. Last year we didn’t make it to nationals, but this year Team 1730 is returning. I plan to split time between watching matches and hanging out in the Autodesk booth. It will be neat to meet the other great animators, especially Peter. Hope to see you there!